Pricing Platform is an insurance technology startup dedicated to creating an underwriting app for Commercial Property Underwriters. The company is incorporated in Delaware with office in Stamford, Connecticut.

Commercial Property underwriting, whether in admitted market or in E&S/D&F space, remains a complex art due to its data limitations, non-homogenous risks, varying account sizes, shared and layered nature of business, convoluted terms and conditions  and above all, constantly changing market forces. All insurance companies and syndicates use cat models to analyze certain cat perils. However, rating non-modeled perils and using all the available information to make an underwriting decision is often ad-hoc and subjective. Some established players have in-house developed systems that provide a structure to this process. But for the large majority of underwriters, the process is encumbered with multiple spreadsheets, re-entry of data and a lot of manual work. Pricing Platform’s flagship application U1 provides a ready-made solution to this case, saving time, increasing efficiency and consistency. And since underwriting analyses and decisions are made in the app, portfolio rollups and aggregates management are automatic and seamless. You also get access to a huge bank of your own data in a structured and useful way. The app framework is such that it is customizable for each client’s own needs, underwriting guidelines, models and pricing formulae. To find out more, please drop an email to If you are in Commercial Property or E&S/D&F Property business, there is a good chance we will be able to help you be more efficient and underwrite profitably.


Sito is a property risk and portfolio management specialist with close to 20 years of industry experience. He began his insurance career as a cat modeler with GE Capital, working in various risk management and underwriting positions at Employers Re, IRI, Swiss Re and at Ironshore. Sito’s career spans geographies (US, Bermuda, India) and products (commercial property insurance, property reinsurance and retro). Sito excels in understanding business problems, conceptualizing innovative solutions and implementing them through computer systems. Sito brings to the table a unique combination of knowledge of underwriting, markets, operations and technology.

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