Frequently asked questions

U1 is a web based platform for underwriting decision making.

U1’s users primary users are commercial property underwriters, in particular large and middle market commercial property underwriters, both in admitted and surplus lines space.

U1 does exposure analysis, exposure visualization, exposure rating, experience rating, integrate cat model outputs.

Managers can implement underwriting controls, exposure aggregation, real-time portfolio rollups.

U1 sits right in between cat models and the policy administration system. It is an experience for underwriters. It replaces rating spreadsheets, cat modeling outputs, fire pricing spreadsheets etc. All these are presented to them in a seamless user friendly interface.

U1 is not a policy administration system. U1 is not a cat model. However, U1 can interface with cat models to import modeling results as inputs. It can interface with policy administration system to notify underwriting decisions as output.

U1’s user interface is built on web technologies including JavaScript and Java. U1’s backbone is Microsoft SQL Server.

U1 is available as a cloud based web service or it can be installed on-premises in existing catastrophe modeling infrastructure.

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